Gadgetless Travels

The call came in just as I was leaving the parking lot. My casting agent asked if I might dash over to another TV show set to fill in for someone who didn’t show up. I had just wrapped up filming a TV drama. I […]

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Vacation Deprivation

According to the annual Vacation Deprivation survey, we’re in trouble. We don’t have much time off, and we don’t even take the time off we have. Studying the vacation habits of employed workers from the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia, New […]

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How do you view time?

Time is of the essence. Time is money. Time is a terrible thing to waste…or was it the mind? Perhaps time is all in our minds. If you believe Robert Levine, a brilliant social psychologist from California State University who authored A Geography of Time, […]

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Battery Recharge

As I stared down at my camera battery gleefully soaking up more energy from its charger cradle, I realized we are a lot more like machines than we realize. We need to recharge our batteries like¬†everything else. Taking time off is as important as breathing […]

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Can we just…not?

Yesterday was the pinnacle. We traversed the Greater Munich area, enjoying the scenery and commenting on how beautiful Germany is. But last evening, soaking our sore hams in the bleeding sunlight, we agreed we would make today a ‘transition day’, a day in which we […]

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Slow Being Put to the Test

Safely esconced in the confines of my tiny New York hotel room, I am typing this in rhythm with the traffic nine stories below. I can see why New Yorkers have a hard time slowing down. It is natural for human beings to adapt to […]

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