What’s in a name?

A recent discussion with friends at breakfast got me to thinking. Why do we use nicknames? One of the couples said they are calling their baby daughter by her name only. They don’t believe in pet names for whatever reason. I, on the other hand, […]

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Can you bear some change?

It was a fruitless exercise, but I was already caught up in the ‘have tos’ and ‘gottas’. You see there I was, standing at the bakery counter, digging through my purse for some loose change so I could keep my Euro whole that I planned […]

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All in good time

TUT from the Universe is one newsletter worth reading. The personalized message is always spot on. I’d like to share the latest one with you as it is very much in alignment with yesterday’s post. You only ever have to do what you’re capable of […]

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Rain, Rain Go Away…or Stay?

My dad and his wife arrived yesterday for their first visit in fifteen years. Despite my prayers to the weather gods, it has been murky and damp. In fact, the roof-pelting rain woke us up at midnight. Weather is a marvelously instructive device for realizing […]

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