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Slice magazine provides expert tips for staying stress-free all day long.

Chicago Tribune investigates into the reasons so many Americans don’t take vacation.

Spanish Yahoo channel asks how to save time in your day.

Fast Company offers ten great ways to make use of 10 minutes.

Real Simple magazine asked how to manage boredom the Slow way.

“Practicing Authenticity (without being annoying)” in Complete Well-Being.

Slowing Down on the Matt Townsend show.

Complete Well-Being asks about what happens when you put everything off til the eleventh hour.

CU Asian Times says to relax into your day  with slow.

Got a tough situation? Woman’s Day celebrates the Slow in all things.

Spirituality and Wellness calls for deceleration.

The Times of India says Slow Down!

Anuradha Goyal wrote a delightful book review of The Power of Slow, from her distinct Indian perspective. Enjoy!

Kevin Eikenberry sees leadership in The Power of Slow.

The Build Network addresses why CEOs need to slow down and get a life.

Shape magazine asks why it’s so hard to stop multitasking.

Chatting with Kendra Delano about the important things in life.

PsychCentral asks how to prevent job burnout.

Adjusting to the Parenting Time Warp with Carolina Parent.

TheGrindstone recognizes how exhausting multitasking is, especially for working moms.

WomansDay examines the 8 Habits of Highly Productive People.

Anthony Fasano asks about slow, time and work on Powerful Purpose radio.

Parade magazine discusses how to make the most of your weekend.

Dr. Richard L. Weaver’s fabu book review!

“Zen your a.m.” on!

“12 Ideas to Overcome the Pressure to Be Super Productive” at PsychCentral

“9 Tips to Finding Work-Life Balance” at World of Psychology

World of Psychology talks about slowing down with Nature.

Christine’s article “How to Slow Down Your Weekends” in Dynamic Living magazine

Chat with WomenSpeak radio host Dr. Nancy O’Reilly about how slow women can go. asks about fool-proof ways to focus, slow-style!

Kansas Health Policy Authority examines the benefits of downtime.

SELF magazine asks how to start your New Year right!

PBS talks to Christine about how to say ‘no’.

Psychology Today asks “What is the power of slow?”

NPR’s Dakota Digest and I had a chat about taking it slow this holiday.

The Inquirer (The Philippines)  talks of time and aging

Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram chats about the economy of time and daylight saving

ComputerWeekly featured my opinion piece, Five slow steps to faster and smarter project completion.

ComputerWeekly offers a free chapter of The Power of Slow to its readers.

How to Cope with Money Stress in Marriage on The Adventurous Writer

How to Stop Multitasking in O, The Oprah Magazine

10 New Takes on Tradition at wOw

“Holiday Slowdown: How to Live the Slow While on the Go”, as featured in Amaze magazine and Connecting Women Media.

My counsel at B2B Social Media Digest on what to do when you need more time.

An interview with Shelly Rachanow on the power of slow.

How I Simply Leaped into Film and TV

A chat with Renee Trudeau on balance, intention and solid alignment.

Healthy Bitch Daily says Slow Down and Enjoy Life, Dammit!

My chat with Rosanne Cash on NPR.

PCWorld, and Yahoo! TechNews look at how technology has rewired our brains as we tap, ping and Skype all day long!

The Daily Brainstorm featured “Ten Ways to Live Time Abundantly.”

Seattle Times, Frommers, and The Houston Chronicle look at How to Take a Summer ‘Daycation’

WoW posted 7 Quick Ways to Slow Down this Summer!

MSNBC celebrates the daycation!

Power of Slow starts Focus Fridays podcast series.

Intrinsic Online says slowly, but surely!

The Globe and Mail points to the inefficiencies of multitasking and the delight of slow.

Woman’s Day embraces the slow in ‘Save Time Everywhere’.

‘When Acting Bad is Good’ on wOw.

Woman’s_World shows the slow!

Family Circle celebrates breathing the Power of Slow!

On the importance of creating visions on Thrive on Balance radio.

Do You Have Enough Me Time? Take the Quiz to find out!

Seven Ways to End Multitasking Madness at wOw.

Christine (in the beige) and the BMW 3 Coupe Series!


Travel Tips for Busy Working Women on WowOwoW.

The Washington Post writes about The Power of Slow and how busy moms find time.

Brazen Careerist and PM4Girls give The Power of Slow a big thumbs-up.

More magazine says The Power of Slow helps you get organized.

The Glass Hammer talks about employability and productivity, in slow style!

BeliefNet Slideshow: A Gentler Place – 21 Steps to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

7 Signs You’re an Internet Addict at WowOwoW

The Power of ‘No’ and the Suckers Choice on Women at Forty.

Learn to say ‘no’ with kindness on

Christine chats with Terri Trespicio on Martha Stewart Radio.

Canada’s The Globe and Mail call The Power of Slow “a provocative antidote to the current madness that pervades too many lives.”

San Jose Mercury News and Omaha World-Herald tout a new kind of New Year’s resolution ~going slow!

The Seattle Times work-life balance expert asks for more balance and the power of slow.

New Year’s Resolutions – That You Won’t Break on WoWoWow (Women on the Web)

Forbes asks Christine how to slow it down this holiday. calls The Power of Slow a “breath of fresh air”.

“Ten Ways to Gain an Hour in Your Day” on WoWoWow (Women on the Web)

KNews 94.3 FM, KNews Conversations.

Christine chats with Montel Williams on his radio show Montel Across America about slowing down.

Gaiam Life excerpts The Fork Method from The Power of Slow. calls The Power of Slow one of the ‘best books’ this holiday season 2009!

Top Ten Ways to Slow Down this Holiday Season at DailyVenusDiva

Going slow with your motorbike this holiday

Gina Blitstein of Pro-Blogger agrees we need not let our lives run us!

Top amazon reviewer says The Power of Slow is life-changing.

Christine warns the Principal Financial Group about procrastination.

Former Newsweek reporter, Jac Chebatoris, breathes the slow.

Amazon’s #11 reviewer is living the slow now!

Gaiam Life excerpts The Power of Slow breathing exercise.

Aol Small Business asks about texting while driving.

Redbook says feel the power. Take it Sloooow!YOUR INNER LIFE

Quinn MacDonald’s Raw Arts Journal Inquires about Slow nominated for Blog of the Year 2009

Fall Press Release, Quick Facts and Topics

LibraryJournal Reviews The Power of Slow, says it’s filled with “thought-provoking commentaries”

MyFaithProject asks Christine about The Power of Slow

Manila Bulletin, Philippines, about staycations and the power of slow

How to Avoid Burnout ~ Thrive in Balance radio.

Why Germans love Michelle Obama – Christine on CNN.

What’s a ‘momshell’? Christine tells the Associated Press it’s not just about outer beauty.

Want to slow down? Christine tells the New York Times when it’s a good time to do so.

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