Dancing Outside of Time

Have you ever wondered why you can pick up where you left off in a conversation with really good friends, even if distance and time separate you? Have you ever considered why time seems to fly when you spend time with someone you truly love? […]

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The Timelessness of a Timepiece

Things surface at the strangest times. Ten years ago when I moved to Bavaria, my grandmother’s couch was delivered ten weeks after we arrived. It had gotten ‘lost’ according to the movers. By the time it finally landed in our house, it had travelled over […]

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Celebrating Time

No other time of the year is quite as remarkable as your birthday. It’s the anniversary of your coming into full being on the planet. If that’s not reason to celebrate! The best part is when others are joyful and congratulate you for another year […]

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On Savoring

According to research in the area of positive psychology, savoring can literally expand our sense of time. It is the scooping up of life moments that gives us meaning. If you’ve ever watched a show such as American Idol, the winners will tell you it […]

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Time Relationship and the Marshmellow Game

It’s not just me. Time perceptions really do inform how we live our lives. According to John Byrd and Philip Zimbardo, two psychologists from California, children’s ability to delay gratification led to improved standardized test performance later in life. Wow. A marshmellow today or two […]

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Desiderata Days ~ Rights

One powerful thing I’ve learned from my mother is taking delight in everyone I meet. While some people are more agreeable than others, there is good in everyone. Practice speaking to that goodness when you meet someone new. You might be surprised at what they […]

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