Speed of Life Quiz

Photo Courtesy of Mark Coldren

Are you moving at the speed of light…or the speed of life? Take this quiz to find out!

#1. You drive the speed limit

#2. You misplace every day items such as your keys, sunglasses, and wallet frequently.

#3. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is:

Speed demon, beware. More mindfulness, less mania!

#4. You oversleep. Your reaction is:

#5. You have competing priorities that require you be at two places at once. You:

Delegating is a powerful tool. Don’t know how? Chapter 10 in The Power of Slow shows you how.

#6. When you suddenly find you have an extra hour, you

Speed demon, beware. More mindfulness, less mania!




Congratulations! You’ve earned a badge of honor for embracing the power of slow!

That’s okay. Learning to slow down is a process. Maybe this will help!

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