Manifestation Station

Blame it on 2012, but I’ve been getting visions left and right that won’t leave me alone. They are begging for my attention, wanting me to listen, then act on them. My entire being has become a manifestation station. The messages about aligning your path […]

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The Peace Within

Before Jesus, we didn’t know about forgiveness, turning the other cheek or living a humble, yet inspired life. Gandhi taught us about that too. His nonviolent action turned an entire empire on its ear. Peace, he taught us, comes from within. Every now and then, […]

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Better Days

Bruce Springsteen sings of them. So do the Goo Goo Dolls. But the best lyrics I’ve heard recently about better days is a line in Dave Matthews’ Song, “Cry Freedom.” “The future is no place/to place your better days.” Better days refer to better times. […]

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Building Better Belief Systems

Byron Katie asked herself a simple question as she lay in a half-way house, not sure if she would survive the next day. “Is it true?” It was the first time she actually challenged her own belief system, and what she found out was indeed […]

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Dust in the Wind

Sometimes all we are is dust in the wind, as Kansas rightly sings. The first time I heard that song was at a talent show when I was ten years old. A few friends of my sister sang it. The message stuck with me all […]

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Where is Your Entrance?

Usher sings about searching for himself in his title album Looking 4 Myself. He says he finds himself in someone else. I think that is partly true. We are social animals and we need each other to serve as mirrors of our true selves. Sometimes […]

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Doing the Crazy

Not many people are talking about personal liberation these days. Maybe it’s because most of us feel trapped and think it’s a normal way of being. But I have news. It’s not. My friend recently called me to say she had lost her juicy, but […]

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