Happiness Before You

Some days I will search and search for “misplaced” sunglasses or keys or some such only to find the item right before my very eyes. I call the phenomenon “displacia”, an affliction caused by a crowded mind. The search for happiness is similar. We think […]

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Vulnerability is not for the fragile

Teetering on a tightrope, trying not to look down, arms dancing from side to side in spread-eagle fashion. Toes sweating. Heart racing. Mind frozen in concentration. Being vulnerable is not for the fair-hearted. Somewhere in my history, I thought showing any sign of weakness was […]

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The Joy Choice

No matter what is swirling about you and the squeeze you feel from it- train strikes, illness, pending surgeries or demanding clients — there is always room for joy. In fact, I have found when I make the conscious choice for joy over suffering that […]

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The Universal Law of Abundance

Never underestimate the power of your mind. What you think truly is so. When we entertain a lack mentality, such as a lack of time, money or other resources, we literally create an energetic wall around ourselves that keeps those very things from entering our […]

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Little Simplicities

The simple life means something different to everyone. For some it means living in small, minimalistic spaces. For others it means removing barriers that stand in their way. For others still it refers to their pace of life ~ sleepy, super Slow and silent. For […]

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A Place of Comfort for Us All

Self-soothing is a skill we teach babies to help them fall asleep at night. It is an important thing to learn because, whether that stressed out new parent knows it or not, self-soothing is an essential, lifelong process. Creating an inner sanctum is life-sustaining. Without […]

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Make Room for Surprises

Joy is always an option. Yet how many of us pursue happiness as if it were a place on Earth? It isn’t. Happiness is a state of mind. Have you ever heard the phrase “Bloom where you are planted”? For the longest time, that was […]

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