The Slow Road Home

900 Miles of driving. 65 Miles of walking. 6 beds. 14 nights. It is time to go home. Visiting the United States is always an amped up, diverse experience. We saw the Beautiful People in Miami Beach, the Party People in Key West, the Slow […]

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The Joy Option

Virtually every day my friend from New York sends me pictures of the City on his way to work. The monumental buildings, the parks, the sculptures! The pervasive beauty of the place emanates in every photo he texts me. It has become a sharing ritual […]

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Your Weekend Sensual

This past March I saw Fuerza Bruta in New York City. They are hard to describe really: a dynamic dance performance group doesn’t really say it. It’s one of those things you simply have to experience. But I’ll tell you this: it involves several elements, […]

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Terror has no place here

If you have a living memory of this day ten years ago, it is a day you will never forget. The atrocities, the suffering, the heroism and the long-lasting impact of September 11th have forever marked our world’s landscape. It was also the day that […]

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My Camera Took a God Trip

Life is not a plan. It’s a journey. This is something my mom knows well. So it was fitting that, as we journeyed NYC-bound on the Acela Express, we would soon learn not only people can travel, but things can, too. You see my mom […]

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Good Housekeeping Gives its Green Seal of Approval

Good Housekeeping, that housewife’s magazine that’s been around since 1885, is keeping with the times by developing a new green Good Housekeeping seal for products its new environmental advisory board considers ‘green’. It’s an interesting concept that shows how far our consciousness has come. But […]

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TV Diet Part II

Tracey Frost, founder of the New York-based community center, Citibabes, provides great guidelines to move your kids away from the screen and into the green this summer. – Ignore the Whining: It’s important for parents to understand that for children, TV may always seem like […]

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Going slow at the New York Public Library

Last night’s event at the mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library was an incredibly humbling experience. People from China, the Ukraine, France, Puerto Rico, Latin America and North America assembled to talk about time abundance. Since several audience members had heard my speech […]

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