Little Victories

Sometimes the world feeds us falsehoods. Or misdirected messages. Or confusing experiences. We teeter-totter our way toward truth, or our version of it at least. Panic sets in. Or hope. Or despair. Or none of the above. Every moment offers us the chance to see […]

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Gifts Wrapped in Barbed Wire

When the swirl of the world has you entangled in its grip, know that the tornado is yours. It ain’t easy to understand, but these moments are your life unfolding. We make plans. We set goals. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it does not. Those […]

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Wishing, Wanting, What?

The best laid plans often go astray. There have been countless occasions in my life in which I have drawn strength from that saying. Imagine if we could control everything that happens in our world. We would know exactly, to the minute, what would happen next. […]

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Get Lost and Return

We all have Lost and Found stories. It is a part of life that things — and people — come and go in our lives. But have you ever had an item mysteriously disappear only for it to return under equally mysterious circumstances? As with […]

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The Reason

Why is a child’s favorite word. Why do birds fly? Why does the rain fall? Why? Why. Why… We never stop asking ourselves that question. Later, as life progresses, we ask ourselves “Why me? Why now? Why not?” We are the reason seekers. We look […]

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The Law of Attraction

If you have ever been to Venice, you know that it is one of the most beautiful, crowded, tourist-infested cities in the world. It has so many bridges and narrow passageways that you simply have to let go of any expectation that you’ll ever find […]

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The Prison in Our Heads

In the past two days I have watched two movies. It’s been one of those rainy weekends where staying indoors seemed like the best solution. The Life of Pi, an epic Ang Lee film about a young man’s journey of perseverance and survival, was not […]

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Travels to Myself

Whenever I board a plane, train or automobile to a new place, I am guided by my internal GPS. Every interaction I have or person I meet opens my eyes in new ways. I am informed by the novelty of the situation, but also by […]

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Planting the Seeds of Joy

Merrily plant the seeds of your vision. As with any living being, those seeds grow in their own time. In my experience, planting seeds and leaving them to grow does indeed take time. Patience is a virtue I was not born with. It is an […]

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