Top Five Time Wasters

If you’re like me, you like to start out the New Year with a great sense of purpose, vision and commitment. But somewhere along the way, we become, well, wayward, in our thinking and actions. If you missed the 2012 Productivity Revolution Telesummit talk I […]

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Wednesday Wait a Minute Part 2

Okay, so the mid-week holiday through me for a loop, landing my Wednesday post on a Thursday. You will forgive, I hope. Time. It’s my friend. And sometimes we get carried away. And now, ladies and gentleman. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Your […]

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Broken Schools, Broken Souls

Something’s foul in the state of our schools. In her most recent episode, Katie Couric examines chronic fatigue in high school students who are buckling under the weight of academic performance on her CBS Webcast @KatieCouric. Tiger Mom might growl at this one. Vicki Abeles, […]

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The Juggle without the Struggle

Image via Wikipedia Managing family and work life offers up its own set of challenges as you split your attention, and sometimes your personality, to meet the needs of everyone else. Living in Germany while working virtually in others brings that level of schizophrenia to […]

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