La vie est belle

My grandmother had a sign above her kitchen sink that read „Life Can Be Beautiful“. She would emphasize the “can” in the phrase, indicating she had seen some less than beautiful things in her life. I will always remember her philosophy, even though she is […]

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The Choice is Yours

I’m going to tell you a secret. Life is based on choice. Every bit of it. Whether you choose to wear white or gold or red or blue; whether you choose to react this way or that; whether you choose pancakes and sausage or fruit […]

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A Random Act of Beauty

Perform a random act of beauty today. Whether it’s buying flowers to put in every one of your rooms, throwing open a window to let in the fresh air or simply marveling at the greenery in a nearby park, beauty can be found wherever you look (even if it’s […]

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The Gift of a Year

The Christmas gift I enjoyed most this year was a used book my sister sent me. It was simply perfect as my sister had gushed for almost an hour on the phone about the effects the book had on her earlier this summer. The Gift of a […]

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