Contagion is not just a movie

The movie Contagion is all the rage right now (thanks, Gwyneth!). But there is another kind of contagion we need to be thinking about as we enter the flu season. Family Values @ Work, a national network of state coalitions fighting for paid sick days […]

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Cultivating Your Intuition

Intuition, the sweet voice of our internal navigation system.Without it we bumble. With it, we grow humble. Intuition is the guide of consciousness. It’s truly a lovely thing. Jackie Gilbert, Professor of Management in the Middle Tennessee State University College of Business, offers her wisdom […]

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Need more time? Keep a time abundance journal

Gratitude journals rule. According to research conducted at the University of California at Davis, those study participants who made regular entries in their gratitude journals had a more consistent exercise regime, reported fewer physical symptoms, had a more optimistic view of their lives on the […]

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Soothe your soul as you stroll

Life may not always be a walk in the park, but according to new research, a walk in the park could literally save your life. Not only do you get exercise, fresh air and sunlight exposure; but you also benefit from the healing properties of […]

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When to say “That’s enough!”

Boundaries ~ the line in the sand that ushers children into adulthood. When my daughter asked why she couldn’t have a mother who said ‘yes’ to everything, I said, “Because you deserve a mother who loves you.” Blank stare. Non-comprehending stance. Arms parked in a […]

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