The Skinny on Restaurant Eating

Oxygen magazine’s executive editor, Diane Hart, recently released  Pick It, Kick It, a book that weighs in on American eating habits. She told me that , “Eating right doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – it is a simple matter of making the right […]

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The Healing Powers of Chocolate

Chocolate. It is happiness in a wrapper. Have you ever wondered why chocolate is so delightful? For anyone who has delved into a bar and emerged with a grin, you will agree that the sweetness of this cocoa-based treat resembles the healing powers of Grandma’s […]

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The High-Speed Evolution of US Communication

WBUR aired a fantastic interview yesterday with the Wall Street Journal‘s Katherine Rosman, Naomi Baron, author of Always On, and Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The topic? The changing nature of our communication. The way we communicate with each […]

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The Juggle without the Struggle

Image via Wikipedia Managing family and work life offers up its own set of challenges as you split your attention, and sometimes your personality, to meet the needs of everyone else. Living in Germany while working virtually in others brings that level of schizophrenia to […]

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Survey Time ~ It’s a question of time

In my travels I have had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing people about their relationship with time. From Bikram Choudhury to Deepak Chopra to Rosanne Cash, I’ve asked them all the same questions. Now it’s your turn! Take this thirty-second survey to find out […]

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The Power of Fast Rescue

All thirty-three trapped Chilean miners were rescued faster than authorities thought possible yesterday. Their feat of endurance and the rescuers’ act of perseverance demonstrate how incredible human beings truly are. In a strife-torn region (Bolivia has some beef with Chile),  the miners’ story brought together […]

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