New Year, New Pace

My gift to you for 2012 is a new pace of life, one that matches the beat of your resting, not racing, heart. Get your free eBook today, “21 Ways to Slow Down NOW!” and let this new year flow with slow!

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What Kind of Techie Are You?

Do you own a cell phone? Like the 83% of  US adults that do, the world is becoming increasingly tech-driven. It’s gotten me curious. Are there tech profiles? Do people’s tech preferences say something about them? DigitalBuzz says that of the 4+ billion cellphones in use today, […]

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Life can be a Piece of Cake!

With Husband gone for a week to the States, I’ve had ample opportunity to occupy the kitchen in his absence. Thanks to Robert Rose, the Canadian publisher of, can we  say, Capital A-mazing recipe books, I have once again astounded myself. I am a culinary […]

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