Are we life-caching more than living?

Perhaps you are as guilty as I am of blogging. A lot. Like email, blogging is an instantenous medium that allows us to reach out, connect, and sort through our lives. But at what cost?

When my children come home from school, I devote two hours of undivided attention to their homework and culinary requirements. Thereafter, I expect them to leave me alone for at least an hour while I get work done. But during the lulls in work time, I whip out my blog pad and bang away. It’s rather addictive, really. Life-caching at its best.

The term life-caching is catching on. According to,

The LIFE CACHING trend owes much to bloggers: ever since writing and publishing one’s diary has become as easy as typing in, millions of people have taken to digitally indexing their thoughts, rants and God knows what else; all online, disclosing the virtual caches of their daily lives, exciting or boring. Next came moblogging, connecting camera phones to online diaries, allowing not only for more visuals to be added to blogs, but also for real-time, on the go postings of experiences and events. And that’s still just the beginning.

I’ve started non-blogging, non-digital days, in which I preschedule posts. That seems to be working.

Oh, to live in the Digital Age!

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