Slow Process of Becoming

Univision interviewed me for an upcoming piece on stay-at-home moms. I was reminded of the process I went through when pregnant with my first child.  Ever since I was little, I had wanted to become a writer. Raise an eyebrow through the written word? I was there.

Highly pregnant and deeply committed, I furiously wrote my morning pages while doing Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way artists-wayprogram.  For twelve weeks, I got up every morning at 5 am.

It changed my life.

In preparation for the Univision interview, I came across this poem I had written while doing Julia’s program. It deeply moved me as I see in it the seeds that were planted to create my books…and this blog.

Artist’s Prayer

(c) 1999-2009 Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Great Creator –

Hand on wind that fires through my pen;

Bring to us a shower of your Divine Spirit;

Encompass us with your rapture and beauty.

For it is Your Calling that rings through our ears;

It is Your Voice that gives me mine.

Help me to embrace You as You embrace me.

Guide me to Your Light when I stray in the darkness of my own being.

Help me to remember the Beginnings, the Evolution, the Slow Process of Becoming.

Lend me your keen Eye as I pass through this world

and Enshroud me with Your Grace that I may enshroud others with mine.


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  1. slowfamilyliving

    January 16, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    The morning process is so crucial for a mom. To take time to breathe, connect with yourself and examine your gratitudes and desires is a great way to start the day – before greeting all the wee people who are depending on you for so much.

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