One step closer to fun

My publisher sent me the catalog copy for my new book, The Power of Slow. I’m thrilled as it is proof it really is going to happen!!

locomotiveMy husband and I decided to have  a slow morning with a leisurely breakfast and a chat. It made me five minutes late for my workout class, to which I am not accustomed. Usually, I’m at class fifteen minutes ahead of time so it was unusual for me to rush into the overcrowded room and secure the last space in the room – in the front! I smiled throughout the gruelling hour, thinking slow living has its benefits. You may not get a space near a mirror, but how freeing to do things slightly differently! It is evidence that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Afterwards I chat with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I could tell it did her as much good as it did me to exchange kid stories and to spend a moment connecting. Looking at her watch, my friend suddenly jumped up saying she had talked through her shower time.  In the lockerroom another woman commented on how she just needed a day to take it easy and to spend a full thirty minutes getting ready. The power of slow seems to follow me wherever I go. There is something delicious about seizing the moment, pulling the brakes and watching your whole locomotive come to a nice idle.

 Sometimes it even lands you in the front row!

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