Stimulus Addict

Obama’s stimulus package proposal has gotten a lot of play in the news of late. But what hasn’t been addressed is how addicted we are to our own stimuli. I’m not talking about billion-dollar injections to get your engine running. I’m talking about all the digital devices that ping us awake, keep us at the ready, and grease our attention wheel.

I’m guilty of it myself.

The ever-increasing desire to be hyperconnected leaves me exhausted. In the wake of social networking check-ins, instant message connections and quick text messages from booking agencies looking for TV talent, I’m a bit awhirr by days’ end. So that’s where the power of slow, and its strategies, come in handy.

Despite my US media work and my Munich location, I typically snap off my computer at least an hour before bedtime. While that may sound late to you, I used to work until all hours to get the job done. That is, until I realized I can do an even better job doing less.

When I am in a hurry, I deliberately drive slower. Getting into an accident will certainly make me late. Stressing will make me tired. I now choose to apply my resources more powerfully.

When I feel tired, I eat something from outside. Whether it’s an apple, an orange or a carrot, eating something in its own packaging boosts your energy more sustainably than a candy bar.

What’s your stimulus, and how might you slow it down a notch today?

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