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The second in a series of work-life balance thinkers found me chatting with Aviv Shahar, owner of Aviv Consulting. His company is a world leader in transformational learning and development experiences, helping CEOs, executives and teams realize greatness.  What caught my eye was when he told me his meaning of slow:

SLOW also means – Sustained Living Offers Wellness/Wealth/Wisdom

His impressive client list includes Hewlett Packard, WebEx, Cisco, and the Department of Defense, among others.


In response to my question “How can one live powerfully in the face of today’s economic crisis?”, he writes:

1. Off kilter is the new norm. To live powerfully you must live a memorable life.

2. To create a memorable life, you have to apply wisely your most precious assets – your time, your energy, and your focus.

3. Invest your Energy, Time and Focus (ETF) in your purpose. You will be amazed at the ROI multiples. Make your purpose your growth trust-fund. Make daily and weekly deposits.

4. You are here to transform the world. To bring light to darkness.

5. You transform the world by transforming you. By investing and growing your precious assets. By realizing the potential of this moment. By being at full in it.

6. Why would you put your energy, time and focus (ETF) into anything unless you intend for it to be transformed for the better – unless you wish it to be the best it can be?

7. You grow at the edge of your envelope. At the point of meeting the unknown. Where you expand beyond to meet your unknown.

Having recently experienced the edge of my own envelope in which I sustained a few spiritual paper cuts, I would say Aviv is one smart man. It makes me want to jump on the next airplane to one of his sessions.  He embraces the power of slow and purposefulness we all are born with!

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