It’s Tuesday, it must be…slow here

We just returned from an all-day outing to Starnberg Lake in the south of Munich. Yesterday evening we tried to plan it, but somehow our minds were fogged after another day of sight-seeing and entertaining. I decided to leave it up to the power of slow to allow the next day to unfold.

And unfold it did.

starnberger seeAfter taking a one-hour train ride, we boarded a ferry that took us to another town, Tutzing. We meandered about, gravitating towards the large church in the center of town where we met a nice man who told us we should go to a lovely restaurant right on the lake.

It turned out to be the best meal we’ve had yet. Adorning the walls are pictures of the owner and famous people such as Jay Leno or Seal. We marveled at how things seemed to reveal themselves magically without our even trying.  We found the train station by intuiting where it was (under the protest of some of the people in my party). “I see a train,” I calmly said. “But where’s the train station?” I heard a voice behind me say.

It is there, right where it should be.

And so it was!

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