Wrangling without strangling

The power of slow says do things a little differently every now and then just to shake things up a bit and to liberate trapped energy that’s been caught in the rut of routine.

So when my casting agency asked me to be an extras wrangler on a daily soap for German TV, I got curious. And said yes.

Last week I worked harder than I have in ages. It is physical labor to round up thirty-some people on a set the size of Sesame Street. I had to contain their movements for a good twelve hours, and it was surprisingly fun. No one likes to be herded like cattle. But that was my job, and I tried to smile while doing it. With a heat index of 95°F, it was a challenge at best.

Next week I will be filming with an elephant on set. If they need an extra(s) wrangler, I’ll be there with whip in hand!

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