If You Think the IRS is Bad…

…think again.

When it rains it pours is a saying that applies to most of life. Sometimes we’re on a high; other times we seem to be headed downhill. The roller coaster ride called life never ceases to provide us opportunity for learning and surprise.

Such was my day today.

July 2009 024After working a fifteen-hour day wrangling 50+ extras on a set with two live elephants, I’d say I had earned a time-out this morning. It seemed to flow well until I met resistence on the phone with one of my clients. Her tone was sharp, and I felt wrongly accused. Clearly my system was worn. I needed a break, and it didn’t seem as though I was going to get it.

Then the IRS sent me a letter stating I owed them a penalty, plus the self-employment taxes I had proven I do not owe. Twice.

So I waited until a reasonable hour on the East Coast to give them a call. It was then that magic seemed to unfold. Expecting the resistance I had felt with my German client, I instead received the warmest, kindest welcome ever. The representative went above and beyond the call of duty, even tracking my profile when we erroneously got disconnected so she could get my number when I called back into the switchboard. She returned my call, cancelled the bill, and wished me a good day with the sincerest of apologies.

“Your frustration deserves attention. Let’s hande this right now.”

I was blown away.

So I asked her who her supervisor was. She clearly deserves recognition for a job well done. She modestly thanked me, telling me she was up for review and that it would certainly help. I wrote a letter of thanks and placed it in the mail the same day.

Kindness comes from the strangest places. Sometimes we expect it, and it does not come. We wonder why we should continue to be kind when it seems the world around us has turned stone cold. Then you enter a warm pocket of air where blessings abound. I could almost hear the Universe giggle in glee at the mere thought of surprise.

What a gift this ride truly is!

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