Slow messages come fast

Embracing time as friend is a heart-centered process. We have to develop a distinct listening to our inner selves, the voice of which resides deep within. Taking on the power of slow is not necessarily about slowing down to a turtle’s pace, but about finding out what is truly important to you. When you take a moment to do that, you automatically slow down to look at the Big Picture. The image of the turtle reminds us of who won the Aesopean race after all…

turtleThe landscape of  your Big Picture may have changed over the years, but the overall frame has not. We may not always have words to describe why we do what we do. Our life’s purpose sometimes brings us to a preverbal state in which articulation takes shape on the emotional level. When asked why I do the various, seemingly non-related things I do, I cannot answer other than to say “I just know I must do it.”

When we are in true alignment with that purpose, things make sense, even if they do not make sense to others. In this state of heightened awareness,  slow messages come at a rapid rate.

Life flows.

Hearts swell.

Goodness happens.

So go on and give your time a hug today. We all sure could use a little more love.

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