Slow Thanksgiving

Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving a little differently. Because it is a completely normal Thursday for most folks in Germany, I arranged a Gratitude Breakfast with some of my closest friends. We spent a leisurely two hours over coffee, homemade quiche and candlelight in the middle of the morning. It was simply delightful to enjoy a time of connection and celebration for the friendship we have.

We talked a lot about the power of slow and the principles behind time as friend versus foe.

At the end of it, everyone agreed we must do it again soon. Given that I’m dedicated to slow living, chances are Christmas will be just as slow and lovely. Getting back to the basics helps considerably!

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  1. Gary Ellenbolt

    November 27, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    A lesson Corporate America could take with them–a weekly or monthly “gratitude breakfast” for a group or department, where you discuss anything but the workday. (Imagine how they’d feel going back to work for someone like that.) Great idea–again–Christine. Thanks for sharing.

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