Slow Thought of the Day: Life as a Project

A hearty thanks to PM4Girls’ Elizabeth Harrin for a rocking review of The Power of Slow.

[I]t is a useful book about the principles of working within the boundaries of time…[If you want to] really get to grips with what time means for you, in the workplace and at home, then read The Power of Slow.

Dedicated to the discipline of project management, Elizabeth is a stellar thought leader. I appreciate her work a great deal. Oh, and did I mention she’s giving away a copy of The Power of Slow on Friday? So be sure to visit her blog then.

Our lives can be viewed as one big project. Or in PM-speak, a series of projects that make up a program. What do we want to accomplish? How can we reach our milestones?

Slow thought of the day:

Slow down to take a look at the Big Picture. Consider it the very canvas you were born with. Now pick up that brush and paint. This is your life. You get to choose how colorful it is.

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