Building Dreams is Not Enough

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We talked about the power of WHY two days ago. Do you ever actually ask yourself ‘why’?

Here’s a power of slow exercise to take you through the weekend.

Name one thing you wished you were doing. Ask yourself “Why am I not doing it?” List your reasons. Then image yourself doing that thing anyway. List how it feels, looks, even smells. The more vivid the description the better.

If you visualize it, it will come. The next step toward that goal will emerge before your very eyes.

You need to interact with your dreams. As Peter Shankman recently tweeted,  “It’s no longer ‘build it & they will come.’ Now, it’s ‘build it, then INTERACT with them, then they’ll STAY’.” It’s not enough to build your dreams and watch them unfurl. You have to take ACTION, engage in interACTION, and watch things ‘stick’ as you plant the seeds where you may.

And don’t be afraid. Jimmy Carter once said, “Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

Happy harvesting!

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