A Little Less Piglet, A Lot More Pooh

I’ll be the first to admit I still have the very first stuffed animal I ever received. It is a hand-made Winnie the Pooh that my mom sewed together out of scraps of material. He is pooh brown, not that honey gold you see in Disney films. No, no. My Pooh has a bright pink nose and wears a blue t-shirt, not a red one. He is a unique bear with a squashed face unlike what you see on toy shelves (my sisters got the tradition colors ~ they each still have theirs, too).

Pooh Bear and I have an understanding. He has carried me through so many years on this earth, and I thank him often for his relaxed sense of style. If it weren’t for him, I’m convinced I may have turned into a worrywart like his pal Piglet.

If you were a Disney character housed in the Hundred Acre Woods, which one would you be? The glum Eeyore, the effervescent Tigger (I once worked with a woman who believed she could bounce on her tail), the persnickety Rabbit, the concerned Piglet or the ever-patient Kanga?

Perhaps we all embody each of these traits at times in our lives. Each has its place.  As you embark on your power of slow journey, however, I would wish for you a little less Piglet and a lot more Pooh. He honors his 11 0’clockishness with grace. Besides who wouldn’t want a touch of honey to sweeten the pot?


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