The Crush of the Rush

Blame it on the late-night viewing of the World Cup, the early mornings as the kids go off to school or the somewhat overwhelming tendency of life happening all at once, but I’ve gotta say one thing. I’m pooped! Yes, even your slow-loving pal gets a bit bone-weary at times. We all do.

Looking back on my week, I asked myself what I might have done differently. Saved my son’s immunization shots for another day? Not really. Ignored the dishes, the laundry, the food shopping? A quick fix that is more trouble than it’s worth. Should I have said no to the really well-paying last-minute story? I could have, but it was easy and it wasn’t a big deal.

Therein lies the problem. In and of itself things are relatively simple. You get up, do your job, love your kids and fall happily ever after into bed before you get up to do it again the next day. If you add up all those things, however, you got a whole lot of simple. And then it becomes hard.

Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I felt the crush of the rush as I pressed each minute for what it was worth. I mean really. All I was doing was visiting a few friends, yet I could tell it might have been better to hunker down with a good book for the afternoon. I realized I had a choice, but the momentum of my self-made vortex caught me off guard – and kept me there.

I am grateful for weeks like these as it fills me with compassion for the many people who feel the weight of their days all the time.

To you I say “Love yourself. Declare ‘Done. Not perfect’ and move on.” Let us join the Slow Circle as we remind each other that slow equals sustainable and everything else is optional.

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