The Daily Stretch ~Day #3 “Laugh Out Loud!”

New York City-based Australian actor/comedian/screenwriter Jim Dailakis is living the American Dream. But it took that one step into the unknown to get him there.  As a result, he has gone well above and beyond his own aspirations.

Originally, he was invited to the US for a three month three state comedy tour. Fifteen years later, that tour continues. In fact, he has played in comedy clubs, at corporate events and in theaters in the US (43 states so far), Canada, the Cayman Islands, the Eastern Caribbean, the UK and all of his native Australia including the Outback.

He has appeared in national commercials, done voiceovers and now is looking to establish himself as a motivational humorist (while writing screenplays, and selling them!, on the side). Optimism is definitely a faith which has led to his success. He encourages anyone who is not happy with their current state to make the move now because the rewards are endless. As he says, “You’re only middle-aged once!”

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