The Daily Stretch ~ Day #10 “Learning to Be Still”

Dawn Quiett has had to learn, well, to be quiet and still. As a freelancer and type A personality, she has had to adjust to slowing down and not being so busy all the time due to the economy. But, it has been a blessing in disguise as she has realized she actually can be with the moment, which used to be an intolerable thing.

“I spent my whole childhood, high school and college careers trying to get somewhere,” she told me. “I got there and did what I was supposed to do but because of the economy it did not really matter. I grew up with a mother who filled her time (and still does) with a lot stuff.”

It is hard to break those cycles of busyness, if that’s all you’ve ever known. But Dawn sees the power in slow. “I used to think I had all of these choices at 18, but I realized that my parents controlled it. Now, I have all of the choices. I just have to make them.”

With more time available than she thought imaginable, she has had to learn to like the solace of her days. She has filled them with reading and growing from the inside out.

Can you see yourself, or someone you know, in her story? I sure can!

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  1. Willow Drinkwater

    May 3, 2011 at 11:07 am

    I know this one! Thanks.

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