An Ode to Monday

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Dear Monday,

I love you. I really do. And while many people treat you like the red-headed stepchild, I must say this: You have a monopoly on new starts. Hands down.

Who wouldn’t love the freshness of you? Your uprightness? Your stiff upper lip-ness? Somebody’s gotta do it and it might as well be you. Besides, a lot of national holidays land on you so we could say you are an honorary Sunday for parts of the year.

You express that first-child syndrome, the responsibility of getting things going and keeping it all together. ‘You are, in a phrase, The Uncomplaining One’.

It’s not easy being Monday, of that I’m certain. Most people groan their way through you, wiping their bleary post-weekend eyes and wishing it were Sunday, the day of rest and leisure (or at least abbreviated store hours). Or better yet, people wish it were Saturday. Ha! Saturday, that day of the week popularized by the song that said it’s Saturday night, guess it makes it alright. Prince! That Midwestern Little Red Corvette driving pipsqueak turned pop icon! Who had the right to take away your slot? No one, I say. No one!

Tuesday is a slave to Wednesday, completely detached from your utter fortitude. And we know what they say about Wednesday ~ Hump Day, my foot! If you count the weekend, Wednesday is nowhere near mid-week really. The nerve!

Now Thursday has had its own appreciation in another post. I know. You must be miffed at the Thor’s Day, Thunder Clap reference. I couldn’t help myself and was drawn to the sirens of that day’s promise. Do I sound like I’m making excuses?

But let’s look at Friday, shall we? Well, now you’ve got me started! It even has its own national restaurant chain that thanks God and everything. As if God has anything to do with burgers and fries! But think of it this way: no one’s ever said, “AHHH! It’s Monday the thirteenth!”, which it is. No one is really afraid of you that way.

So I am back to you, Dear Monday, in all your fabulousness. You have had songs written about you. Monday morning! So let’s jazz it up today with impunity.

And remember: no one can steal your thunder, not even Thor whose day is still my favorite.

I love you just the same.

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