The Meaning of Leap Year

“I wish I had 24 more hours to do all that I need to do,” you say.

Welp, Leap Year affords you just that.

Only it’s not really because you wished upon a star. It’s more because the Earth goes around that star called the sun 1/4 of a day later than our Gregorian calendar allows. So, every four years we tack on a day to ensure spring comes on March 21. Otherwise, at some point we’d be looking at Labor Day before the daffodils started to bloom. And that would be confusing.

Time is embedded in geophysical reality. That is, our construct called time is based on the Earth’s movements. So the next time you’re “out of time”, remember you always have that extra 24 hours in the even years and those divisible by 400. For more information on Leap Year, check out this page.

What are you going to do with this extra day today?

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