Giving Voice to the Inner Knower

“You always seem to know what you want,” a friend of mine recently told me.

Maybe I was born that way. I don’t know. However, one thing is for certain: you may not always get what you want, but if you don’t know what you want at all, you’re certain not to get it!

Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe recently said, “Go ahead. Want it all. Just be happy now or you might miss it when it comes.” Being abundant means you already have everything you need, want or could possibly desire and you’re just living all wrapped up in your own juicy with a big fat smile on your face. I am the happiest when I live that way.

But here’s the rub: if we make our happiness dependent on externals, we’re in trouble. That’s like giving away all your megawatts of power to everyone else but yourself. That’s like paying for everybody else’s gasoline but your own. That’s like, well, you know what I’m saying. And who wants that?

In his work entitled The Book of Secrets, Deepak Chopra writes:

“Doubt is a symptom indicating that you aren’t in contact with the knower inside. It usually means that you are looking outside yourself when you have to make a choice. Your decision is going to be based on externals. For most people, the strongest externals come down to what other people think because fitting in is the path of least resistance. But fitting in is like embracing inertia. Social acceptance is the lowest common denominator of the self – it’s you as a social unit rather than you as a unique person.” (page 96)

Now that explains it. I never fit in as a kid. And apart from your typical teenage angst, I have never doubted myself to the point of paralysis either. Perhaps it really is an innate sense of knowingness that we were born with and I was lucky enough to have people in my life to allow that part of myself to thrive.

Finding the knower inside is possible for anyone, even if you grew up in a strict society where conformity and social acceptance dominated your life. The trick is not to mix up the knower with the ego, which is the one usually bouncing around in your head saying, “Hey! Whattaboutme?!!” Yeah, that one. I know you know who I’m talking about.

So here’s a little guide that I’ve found helpful to getting to that still small voice within:

  1. First step: acknowledge that you have an inner voice that wishes to speak to you.
  2. Second step: Close your eyes and place your awareness around your heart where your inner voice resides.
  3. Third step: Ask that voice to say whatever it likes. Be patient. It may be hoarse from being silent for so long. Eventually, as your awareness deepens over time, it will begin to sing its song. Listen carefully.
  4. Fourth step: Practice listening to your inner voice every day. Before you get up in the morning may be a good time to offer it centerstage.
  5. Fifth step: Act on one thing your inner voice tells you to do. See what happens.

My guess? Magic will happen. Just you wait and see.



  1. l0ve0utl0ud

    September 12, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    Great post – those books sound very interesting, I’ll put them on my ‘to read’ list!

    1. powerofslow

      September 13, 2012 at 6:56 am

      Indeed! Even my husband read it! 🙂

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