Language of the Heart

The heart speaks in ways we sometimes don’t understand. That is the nature of its language: we can’t always interpret what it means through our minds. It speaks in riddles, always informed by our intuition that delivers meaning beyond words. Our hearts can make us cry without our wanting to do so. It effects everything about how we see the world when we lead by its example.

As a physical organ, the heart can tell us when things aren’t quite right with our world by beating out of step, seizing up entirely or aching because we hurt immeasurably. It can shout at us when our minds are in conflict with it, leaving us confused and uncertain. Our hearts can flood us with overpowering emotion, shower us with forgiveness and, yes, even grace.

The heart speaks a language that is universal. No matter our culture of origin, the language of the heart is always the same. It speaks of love as easily as the wind blowing through the pines; it sways to its own internal song like the reeds on a lake’s edge; it dances like a prayer on the lips of a priest. The heart’s meaning is deeper than the caverns of Middle Earth. It is stronger than steel.

When you listen to your heart, you are unstoppable. It holds the key to your very existence. Embrace the meaning that your heart gives to you. When you let your heart be your guide, your highest purpose in life will be revealed.

The heart is life’s greatest teacher.┬áBelieve in its power. It will lead you to where you need to go. Every time.

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