The Healing Powers of a Good Old Belly Laugh

A soulmate is that special person that matches your sensibilities like a carbon copy of yourself. If you are fortunate, you might have several in your lifetime. I am blessed to have several soulmate friends who possess a knowing beyond words. They are the kind of people that give you one look and know everything without your saying a thing. I count myself lucky to know that my sister is one of them.

Talking to my sister right before bedtime is not a good idea. She makes me laugh so hard, I’m jazzed for half the night afterward. She knows how to tickle my funny bone like no other. We are like that with each other.

Belly laughs are those fits of joy that come from deep within. They start somewhere in your core and reverberate throughout your entire body. Sometimes they make you keel over as you try hard to contain what has touched you so. But why try to keep all that bubbling, bursting energy inside? It feels so good to just let it out.

The same applies to a good old cry when you are feeling terrible. Letting those tears run down your face is cathartic, and necessary, for good health. Lately I find I’ve been combining the two ~ tears of joy and fits of laughter, all at the same time.

Whatever you do, don’t keep it locked up within yourself. Express how you feel because I can guarantee it will come out anyway, whether it is in the form of an illness or uncontrollable rage.

A belly laugh is the best medicine on the planet. So call your soulmate today and have a good chuckle. Just make sure it’s well before bedtime!