Trust the Process

When people ask me how I managed to survive writing a book about Slow, I often say it was as if the messages were being delivered by angels’ hands. I was so attuned to the subject matter, the book literally wrote itself. I merely was the conduit to the material. Whenever I felt stuck, I’d have a conversation with someone and the connection to that Universal source got recharged again.

When you tackle a project in your life, whether it is a book or life itself, it comes with an invisible process that you may or may not be aware of. What is required is a good amount of courage and trust in the process itself. Without that trust in writing my book, the information wouldn’t have flowed as readily as it did for me. Because of my confidence in the creative process, I like to say that The Power of Slow was the fastest book I’ve ever written.

Taking on something new inevitably brings about change. Say the word “change” and people’s shoulders cramp up. You might as well say “Big, fat hairy monster lurking under your bed!” It has the same effect.


But consider this: Change is merely a shift in energy. And with that shift comes a space-clearing force that gives you room to grow. Remember ~ if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Which would you rather do?

When you alter the way you approach something, space is made for new things/people/places/experiences to come into your life. What you put out comes back to you. So if you spew off a fountain of fearful thoughts, people with those same thoughts will attract to you like flies to honey. If you exhibit inspiring courage, you attract people with that same level of courage who recognize your process because it is also their own.

So go ahead. Trust the process. It will never let you down because it is an intrinsic part of your journey. Whoever said life doesn’t have a manual may not have been listening. It is right there before your inner eye ~to behold, to honor and to take on with all the power within your reach.

Trust me on this one.

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