Right Time, Right Place

Timing is everything. Try as we might, we can’t force things into being that just won’t happen. Nor can we stop the tides, although we might wish to do that too.

What we can do is influence the direction of our lives by recognizing our personal responsibility. We are responsible for the lives we create, the choices we make and the actions we take — or don’t take. At any given moment, we can choose how we react to what is happening, then decide to take one action or another to change the course of events – or to accept things just as they are.

But as we all know, life happens. Despite our very best intentions, we might not get what we think we want. And thank God for that. If I had had my way at age twelve, I would have been a prima ballerina. Something tells me that wouldn’t have worked out so well for me.

Sometimes we crave change so badly we will do anything to make that shift. But if you engage in an undertaking through brute force, chances are you will be left in a shambles.

Slow and steady wins the race. Taking baby steps to your dream takes time, patience and trust. There is wisdom in Slow.

Prayers never go unanswered. It’s the response that we should be listening to. The Universe really does have your best at heart.

Remember: there is a gift in everything, no matter how dire your circumstance may seem. Believe and never give up your dreams.

You deserve the very best.

We all do.



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