Passionate People

Passion. It’s the fuel to life’s engine. Without it we wander aimlessly and without purpose.

My best friend alternately uses the word “passionate” and “intense” to describe her experience when she’s with me. It’s genetic, I think. After all, I’m the daughter of a woman who calls herself a “believer in people playing passionately in partnership moment by moment by moment.”

It can’t get much Slower than that.

After all, when we are with other people, don’t we want to live in full connection with them? Connection is life-sustaining. Besides, I’ve never been known to do anything halfway. I’m sort of a glass-half-full-all-or-nothing kind of gal.

Passionate people can be found everywhere. If it weren’t for his passion for Tibet and all things Buddha, the Dalai Lama might have given up long ago. He might have folded himself in his orange robe and said “Enough already.”

No chance. He, like any activist you might know, is fully committed to his cause.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not comparing myself to His Holiness. But his life is an example of how passion can rock the world for the better.

A passionless life might be safer. But without risk we have no progress. Without passion we have no meaning.

It’s true. Life with passion makes us vulnerable. We might be ostracized for believing so strongly in something. We might get hurt for dangling out on a limb. But man! What a view we’ll have from that vantage point.

All things in good time. You can really only live for the moment. Hopefully it will be in passionate partnership with those you adore.

That is my wish for all of you.




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