The Path of Least Resistance

Do you know the story of Sisyphus, the mythological figure who was doomed to push a boulder up a hill, only to have it fall down again at night? He was actually a deceitful kingĀ  who, at one time, took pleasure in killing people.

Not a very nice guy.

But allow me, for a moment, to use Sisyphus’s boulder-rolling fate as an example of what we do to ourselves repeatedly. In our resistance to accept facts as they are, we often roll boulders up our hills in an attempt to overcome the inevitable (in this case, gravity), repeating the same thing over and over and, to paraphrase Einstein, insanely thinking we will get a different result.

Through this repeated action, we create friction in ourselves, our lives, and most likely in those around us.

We begin to resist universal law, such as gravity, thinking if we only try hard enough, something else will come of it.

Then we get disappointed when the same thing keeps happening.

When we take the path of acceptance, we bear witness to miracles all around us. Our mood changes; our pace changes; our entire outlook shifts; our energy lifts; our lives become richer. Colors are enhanced by the sheer presence of our surrendering grace.

When we live in resistance, we spend a great deal of energy putting up walls. But the thing about walls is that they need constant surveillance to ensure that that which you built them for does not climb over them. So now you have to engage in a battle of wills ~ yours against the Universe’s.

Guess who wins? Every time. And it’s not you.

Take the path of no resistance as often as you can. See what happens when you bow to the will of your life’s truest purpose. Can you see a new world unfolding?

I sure do.


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