When You’ve Lost Your Purpose

Everyone has experienced that moment when you’ve run up the stairs to retrieve something, only to forget what it was by the time you got there. For a split-second, you are lost, dangling in a state of limbo while you try to remember why you raced to the top of the landing in the first place.

For some of us, that sense of feeling lost lingers longer than the five minutes it takes to retrace our steps to the origin of our thought that drove us up the steps. We are obliged to remember what made us race forward in a direction of certainty and determination.

It is a good analogy for what happens to people who have lost their sense of purpose in life. If you struggle with not knowing why you are here, let me remind you.

Every soul is here for a reason. If you doubt that, ask yourself why its rain, why the snow falls, why people fall in and out of love? Natural law states that these things should happen. Why wouldn’t you fall under that same plan? What would make you an anomoly to the entire state of things?

If you have lost your sense of purpose, you have reached a new level of evolution. I like to call it The Crossroads. It is the place that helps you decide where to go next. At The Crossroads you get to create a whole new path for yourself. You get to reinvent who you want to be, start from scratch, breathe fresh air and observe life from a totally new angle with a brand new lens.

Sometimes our direction is MIA (missing in action). We flail about, uncertain as to what we should do next. In those moments, I encourage you to do nothing at all. Be still. Listen. Go within.

It is the hardest thing to do when we have been so hard-wired to be in action at all times, as if activity itself has intrinsic value.

Take it from a formerly exhausted soul. It does not.

Sometimes the best action to take is no action at all. It is in the listening that you will find your purpose again. It might take retracing your steps to the bottom of the landing. But once you get there, you will remember.

It may take some time, but time is one thing we all have. We may not know for how long, but surely we have time enough to make the inquiry, then listen for the answer, whatever that answer may be.


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