The Healing Powers of Restoration

Life goes in cycles. Sometimes you are on a high; sometimes you are way down low. Sometimes you’re busier than a bee; other times you are not.

What I have learned is no matter what phase you are experiencing at this moment, it is important to retreat to a quiet place. Like the cells in your body, you need a mental health break every now and then to reenergize yourself. Doing so will actually make you more productive, engaged and happier than if you run at full tilt all the time.

Sleep is one of the most restorative things you can do; yet so many of us sacrifice our nightly rest without a thought. If you have trouble sleeping, write down your thoughts right before you go to bed. Doing a mind dump can help your brain repair itself overnight without all the mental detritus that fills our heads at 3 am.

After a particularly stressful time, grant yourself the gift of restoration. Remove yourself from your every day life.



Enjoy yourself.

Challenge yourself to a worry-free day in which you go into the full release of all things. Give yourself permission not to doubt your future or regret your past.

Develop a morning mantra. For instance, every morning when I wake up, I repeat this prhase:

I embrace this day and all the possibilities that it brings. And so it is. And so it shall be. I go into the receiving of love and creativity that I may meet my ultimate purpose with ease and grace.

Even something as simple as a daily affirmation can restore your soul.

Give it a try. You deserve to be uplifted this day and always.


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