Try, Try Again

Sometimes we fail. Miserably. But as Thomas Edison liked to say, at least you now know what doesn’t work.

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again. It kinda makes for a richer life when you don’t let yourself feel beaten down. Onward is my motto!

It takes resilience to live full out. You expose yourself to all kinds of elements: risk, panic, fear, you name it. But as you stretch your comfort zone beyond what you know, you also begin to get a better understanding of imagined, versus real, danger.

It is scary to venture into the unknown, but if you do it often enough, the unknown becomes a familiar place. Not knowing can actually be comforting too.

One person’s danger is another person’s safety. Some of us like to feel the tickle of Life while others prefer to sit on the sidelines. It’s not so ticklish there, but it is a place of rest. And rest is a good thing if you’ve been out in the thick of things for quite some time. At some point it is time to lay down your head and sleep.

That’s what I’m going to go do now.

Sweet dreams, my dear friends. Sweet dreams.


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