The Transformative Power of Crisis

The most interesting people are those who have experienced life on many levels. They have seen highs. They have seen lows. They have triumphed and overcome. They have utilized conflict to the betterment of their own lives — and those of others.

Crisis isn’t something anyone wants to invite into their lives. But it is indeed a part of life and whether we like it or not, it is what carves our features. Times of trouble are like ocean waves that craft our shell into a smooth, pristine jewel. Crisis is what shapes us most into who we are.

If you ask a cancer survivor what he or she appreciates most about life, it typically isn’t that bouquet of flowers or higher wages that comes to mind. It is the cancer itself that taught that person things most do not get to learn. It is a level of understanding that comes with the gifts – wrapped in the cloak of desperation and pain — that cannot be explained. Yet it transforms the person into something new. A stronger version of herself.

Some of the greatest gifts of my own life haven’t come in shiny, happy packages. In fact, most of them have had jagged edges that have cut me to the bone. But it is in those moments that we get to prove what we are made of. We are stronger than we think.

We will prevail.

In those moments of darkness, we get to rise up to the water’s edge, ride the wave and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this very moment — and all those moments that will follow — is a part of the Greater Plan.

Use your time on this Earth wisely. Your life is a gift. You are too.

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