Of Life, Love and Liberty

Slow doesn’t mean screeching to a halt, but it does require taking a break every now and then. February was a month of taking inventory of things – of life, of relationships, of professional direction. Although I blogged in my head, I couldn’t bring myself to write the things I was thinking about. It took time to sort through the thoughts to ensure they have meaning for you as well.

Blue Waters Inn Hotel_2016
Photo Credit: Klaus Polkowski (c) 2016

The coolest thing happens when you change your behavior. New doors open. New opportunities flood in. New perspectives shimmer through the cobwebs of our minds. I left the country for three weeks, dappling in the cold of New York City, then the heat of Trinidad & Tobago. No matter where we went, the same thought kept persisting.

“We are one.” It doesn’t matter what climate you live in, what job you have, what color your skin is. We all feel things. We all love. We all hate. Spending time in a former British colony was eye-opening. I met many lovely people, and a few not so nice ones. I sensed what oppression does to people. And to me. In the end, I came to the conclusion that we must take time with one another. Time is the ultimate gift you can give another person. I am eternally grateful to my mother, who gave my children so abundantly of her time while I was away. And to so many people in my life who mean the world to me. My partner and I now truly know we can live in a shoebox and come out smiling.

Travel teaches us many things. Perhaps most importantly, it confronts us with our own perceived limitations. We think things should be one way or another, simply because we are accustomed to things being a certain way. But when faced with a completely different value system, it causes us to take stock of what’s truly important to us and what we can let go of. I learned that I can live on very little and still have a fabulous life.

The flame of freedom flickers within. Light its fire and see where it takes you.

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