Striking power

Maybe it is the grey dark skies that have caused a deeper awareness within. Or maybe it is my age that has brought me here. Whatever the origin, I have experienced an odd awakening of late that has left me breathless.

It is as if I can see into the future. It’s not like I’m trying to peer into a crystal ball or anything, but I get these visions and then they come true.

Take the guessing game my partner and I like to play. When we sell our wares at festivals, we try to estimate what we might earn. Then I say a number that I see dance across my mind’s eye and by golly, it comes true.

Or the moment I saw myself getting bonked on the head by one of the sculptures standing precipitously on a pedestal. And then, minutes before I depart, it crashes down, square between my eyes.

Or not wanting to take the train connection I had booked in a cloudy state, not realizing it would have me switch trains five times. And then to find out the train company is on strike today. No train. No connection. No problem. A longer bus ride will do just fine instead.

“Be careful what you wish for,” my mama always says. I’m beginning to believe it is true. Thoughts become things. For better or for worse.

We are indeed the captains of our own ships. We do have striking power (apparently, the Deutsche Bahn does too). And everything we have in our minds we put there.

Imagine what else we could create in this world. It is an intriguing thought. A thought that can become a thing. And if we witness its unfolding, we will know what will happen next as we enter the space to listen to its call.


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