Dancing between the spaces of time

Dancing between the spaces of time is not something we are taught to do. And yet in those pockets we find the magic of life that actually got us here.

This year has brought the world together in ways unimaginable. Through sorrow. And loss. And myriad measures of pain.

I see a chance in these things, the crevices of space that made us feel separate, alone, unaware. Until that moment when we saw a chance to push through our harnessed belief in what was truly possible.

Photo used by permission by David Charles Schuett/Unsplash

Perhaps for the first time in modern history, we have been challenged to take on this task. To look behind the curtain of what we thought was real.

We can find togetherness in our separation. Because on another level we are one and the same. No matter where you live on this planet, your job is not done until you have realized the gravity of your existence.

Today I spent over an hour chatting with a friend I have not seen in years. She called me upon the occasion of my country’s holiday (Thanksgiving). And although she does not celebrate it in her culture, she thinks of me every year on this day. The meaning of gratitude did not pass her by.

We spoke with ease and grace, sharing stories of our families. Each on a different path. But yet yearning for the same. A good life. In search of something beyond ourselves. A journey to the innermost part of ourselves.

In this season of gratitude and connection, I believe we can remember the reason why we are here. To center ourselves on the one and only thing that is left behind when we pass through this world.

It is not the house or the title or the bank account stuffed with cash. It is an invaluable asset not earned, but given.

Love, people. I speak of love.

Did you leave your imprint of love, a sustainable vibe to pass down to the next? A smile, though masked, bright in your eyes as you left the grocery store? The wave of thanks to the salesperson who helped you find the thing you needed in that moment of searching? A call to an elderly parent who, in all his or her time here, felt heard and seen by your reaching out? A kind word to a child, perhaps struggling to understand this world gone awry by the decisions not made by them?

That is what we are here for. The reason for being.

If you have done so, the rest is up to those who inherit your legacy. They will be watching, learning, seeing how the world can be. They will do it differently, most certainly better, as they clear the way for progress unbeknownst to us.

May you be graced in this season of light, to recall the purpose for which you were chosen.

Blessings, blessings, blessings to you all. I wish nothing more than the time you have spent here to leave marks of joy to those who follow.

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