It takes courage to be in this world. We can run, but we cannot hide. Tested time and again, we are challenged to climb those mountains placed before us. Those hikes are a part of life, promoting our growth, experience and a broader understanding of why we are here. We come into this world through our mother’s pain. And, after a short while, we begin to carry our own.

Love is the strongest victor, which lives beyond the bounds of human experience. It dances, delights and fosters our togetherness. And it lives on even when we take a different form.

Used with permission by Frank Oberle/Unsplash

Consciousness is love’s cousin, living in the outskirts of our tomorrows, brought into our being when we take the time to pay attention to it. It is the ever-lasting grace of connection that we, in these times, so dearly miss. As a human population, we are currently tasked with remembering we are never alone, even if we are the only person in the room. For we have one another, a collective of souls who will once again meet in a new dimension.

You see, I have come to learn that we are truly one. Your pain is my pain. Your joy is mine too. If you suffer, I will suffer with you. And I know you do too.

Coming into this world with a purple face, I breathed my first breath to the relief of my parents who have carried me through so much sorrow, so much happiness, so much in-between. I honor them for all they have done for me. Never once failing to have faith in my reason for being here.

And that reason, whether in telling or listening to a story, is based on the one thing that never dies.

That one thing is love. Even when it hurts to let go, it is the grace that moves us beyond the tears to a new dawn ever unfolding.

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