The fanfare of unfairness

Life is unfair. And we are faced every day with a choice to act fairly anyway. To be kind. To rise when others go low. It isn’t easy to choose kindness over ugliness when we are triggered by past events that live in our hearts […]

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The Beautiful Bounce of Boundaries

Brené Brown is one smart chick. She has the unique ability to articulate things in a way I can truly understand. Today I stumbled upon a YouTube video of her describing the importance of boundaries. She claims we can’t show true compassion or generosity without setting […]

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On Being Real

Dreams are an awesome map to the psyche. They illustrate our innermost thoughts and fears. And hopes too. In our dreams anything is possible. We can bend time, suspend it or move beyond it, if we wish. Last night I had the best dream ever. […]

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Busting Buddha’s Knees

It was not one of my finer moments. Eyeing the soft, dry grass, I knew it was a now-or-never moment to whip out the lawn mower for the final cut of the season. In between phone calls, I raced around the house, collecting the extension […]

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The Empathy Habit

Do you want to know the secret to a happy life? It starts with empathy. Research in young adults has shown empathy is associated with heightened sexual pleasure and I’m sure the older crowd could benefit from the effects of empathy in that department too. […]

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