Doing the Crazy

Not many people are talking about personal liberation these days. Maybe it’s because most of us feel trapped and think it’s a normal way of being. But I have news. It’s not. My friend recently called me to say she had lost her juicy, but […]

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Getting to Your Place of Juicy

We all have pivotal moments in our lives in which just a few words and circumstances change everything. One minute you are humming along, minding your own business, going in a singular direction when suddenly your life takes a sharp left (or right) with the […]

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The Power of Imagination

Dr. Charlotte Reznick, author of The Power of Your Child’s Imagination, was on my mind this weekend as we took the kids to the mountains for a few days of frolicking. The four-star hotel offered great food, free WiFi, a wellness area with a pool […]

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Shifting Left of Center

True inspiration comes from a deep listening that we seldom embrace in our go-go existence. As a writer, I have found it essential to take pause to capture the Voice within. Creative articulation is relentless in granting itself expression. If I don’t pay attention, the […]

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On Savoring

“Can we talk later?” My Munich friend breathed into the phone. She had just come off a three-week marathon music tour. She said she needed time to digest all that had happened over the past few weeks so we agreed to put off our conversation […]

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Happy Birthday, InspireMeToday!

Inspiration ~ that sweet creative unleashing of the soul! Gail Lynne Goodwin, the mastermind behind, has been bringing true inspiration to people around the world for two years. Today she celebrates the site’s second birthday. Join her in the celebration! She is even giving […]

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