The courage to be real

In our Instagram world, it is not always easy to portray life as it really is. We get pulled into a virtual universe of looking good. Posting pretty. Forgetting the edges and corners of reality. The draw to place things in the best light possible […]

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The time-robbing lure of addiction

The apps shook like an addict’s hand, the upper-right hand corner of each square marked with an “x”. The white “f” against the deep blue dared me to do it. I watched my index finger tap the “x” as if in slow motion. I deleted […]

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Be Here Now

Escape is something we all do with our minds from time to time. Whether it’s watching a movie or play, listening to a great concert or your favorite music, it can be very relaxing to take our minds off the day-to-day grind to lift our […]

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